Family owned since 2001

The kiddos: Kyleigh, Shannyn, Brycen and Lauryn

It started with our kids

In 2001, we wanted a better way than just sunscreen to protect our 4 fair-skinned little ones from harmful UV rays. UV protective swimwear was pretty non-existent in the U.S. at this time. We looked toward Australia, a leader in sun protective clothing, for products but found that the swimwear actually covered too much – wrist to ankle, was not at all stylish, and, most importantly, our kiddos didn’t want to wear it. Then it clicked! Why not create our own line that combined sun protection with fashion and it would be a great opportunity to build a business that would help to both educate and protect kids from UV skin damage. Tuga Sunwear was born. Tuga is named after “tortuga”, which is Spanish for turtle. Pronounced "too-ga". Aptly named because a turtle’s shell provides protection in the same way our swimwear protects kids and adults from UV sun rays. With styles and unique prints designed in sunny California, Tuga offers apparel that looks great anywhere under the sun.

And we now offer even more options for everyone, read more about our brands below.


In order to protect your skin from the sun, you don't have to go to the extreme by wearing clothing that tries to cover every inch of skin. We also don't think that you have to trade off style and fashion for sun protection. Too many products on the market focus on the utilitarian approach and forget the fact that in order for the products to be effective, they also have to be used. And kids will not use products that are boring or "un-cool", but they will love Tuga's sun protection clothing and accessories.


We want to educate parents and kids on safe sun habits through sun protection products that make it fun and easy. Tuga Sunwear, SunBusters, and PlayaPup ( shirts and hats) sun protection clothing and accessories are designed to provide greater body coverage, yet still be functional. Our sun protection clothing's patterns are designed to be form fitting and to incorporate stylish cuts. And through the use of colorful designs we make sure kids and now parents are looking the best at the beach or the pool.


 For our sun protection clothing, we use fabrics that are made specifically, both through the knitting and dying process, to meet the 50+ UPF standards of blocking 98% of UV rays. A similar rating as SPF for sunscreens, but this is for apparel and accessories. Our UPF swimwear is always made from comfortable, lightweight, quick-drying, breathable, and free of sunscreen chemical fabrics.


As we expanded, we began to see a need for other products that our customers would suggest and wanted. And now you can shop all of our brands from one site!

Go have fun, we've got you covered!


Sun protection swimwear and accessories for girls, boys, women, and men. Designed and inspired by our California roots, we believe in making everything with fun and vibrant prints and pops of color. We all need to to have a little fun and we ensure you do while wearing Tuga!


SunBusters Kids

An Australian inspired UPF 50+ boys and girls swimwear line with clean lines and pops of color, but still offering the same sun protection as our Tuga Sunwear line. From rash guards to swim shorts to sun hats. Now with lower prices!

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Our pet line offering UV protection (yep, even pets need sun protection) apparel and accessories for pets. Plus incontinence help with our dog belly bands, flotation devices and cooling mats.

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Molehill Mtn. Equipment

Kids’ outerwear and accessories line offering the highest quality gear you can find for kids. Molehill is reminiscent of the quality and attention to detail you can find for adult lines, but made just for kids.

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Our 3 girls play lacrosse and we saw a need for a more functional and effective goggle strap for girls and it’s now a reality!

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Peace and love.

The Plangea Family, a family owned company since 2001.